They are watching you - it is time you watch them, read them and attract them. Google Analytics represents the most powerful way to connect with your online visitors, understand them and leverage this knowledge to dynamically improve your online presence.

Sounds like one of those, “sounds good but does nothing” programs.

Nothing can be farther from reality! It is one of those “sounds good but works wonders” tools. The data is exhaustive and more importantly, it is marketing centric. In short, it is custom made for people like you who want to know what goes on behind the scenes on their webpages.

What kind of data exactly?

It is the kind of data that is precisely engineered to let you target your audience more accurately, get better conversion rates and achieve better ROI on marketing campaigns. It lets you track keyword and ad performance and much more.

Great. I guess Google does all this – where does BSC come in?

Picture this – you start using Google Analytics for your website – with over 500 data figures being reported every hour for a single page – it means over a million data figures for a 10 page website in a month! That’s a lot of work to do – thankfully, with our team of Google Analytics certified experts we help you make sense of what Analytics has to say.

Care to elaborate?

Sure. We will use the above data – crunch it thoroughly – draw tangible meanings and get to work. Our final output would be a set of “things to do!” And moreover we partner you to make sure you are able to act upon these concrete recommendations. Rest assured, you would see a clear change in your online returns from the day we implement the first set of recommendations. We don’t just recommend – we do it for you!

You’ve won me over. Can I get a sample report?

Of course you can. We can do a pilot “analytics lite-run” for your website free of cost and we are confident you would realize the tremendous value it creates and go ahead :)

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