Corporate Social Responsibility

We perceive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a concept that all companies have obligations to the wider community and that good corporate citizenship extends further than simply following the law.

That said – how do we actually do this? Simple. By following the most efficient way!

First, we make sure that all our business processes and allied activities have a minimal impact on the environment, to use the language of climate change mitigation – we reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible. We use energy efficient lighting in our offices, energy efficient processors for our computing needs and most of us walk/cycle to the office (now before you go wow! – we live quite close to our offices).

Second, we are helping a NGO that works for slum dwellers in Delhi. We are helping set-up their web interface and optimizing it to enable them a wider audience for the noble cause.

Third, we conduct free of cost regular training programs in basic computer skills such as Microsoft Office, keyboard typing and internet navigation for children from the EWS (Economically Weaker Section) scheme.

Fourth, err… that’s all at the moment. Nevertheless, we seek to expand this list as much as we can – and like everything at BSC: suggestions are most welcome.

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