A wise penny counts more than a foolish pound!

Super specific, super customized and super efficient: that’s PPC advertising for you!

So how does it work?

Try searching for anything on Google, say a movie rental service in your city, on the top of the usual Google results you would notice some highlighted results that direct to movie rental websites. No prizes for guessing which movie rental website is getting the most visitors! You decide what is it that people looking for your products would search for, decide how much you want to spend for advertising and Voila! You are good to go!

So I pay just to appear on the top of search results or when someone clicks on my ad?

Good question. There are actually more than a couple of methods to decide when and how much you pay. For example if you opt for the “Pay per Click” plan you pay only for the actual clicks on your advertisement.

What if someone just clicks on the ad a hundred times and buys nothing? Would I be billed?

Your question is a very valid one. Google works hard to ensure (through evolved algorithms) that you are not spuriously billed. 

So it is readymade by Google. Where does BSC contribute?

We take care of your campaign right from the scratch. Analyzing your website for identifying the best keywords for you, optimizing your budget and ensuring the best returns from your PPC campaign.

Great as it may sound, I’d prefer understand to understand it through some case study.

No Problem. Follow the links below to get in touch, and we are sure you would understand the value that an effectively managed campaign can add to your online business.

Cool. I’d like to go ahead and test the waters!

Great. Let’s begin – just follow the link below.



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