Monday, 03/01/2011

Seems like face-to-face is the way forward!

With iPhone Facetime hogging the lime light last year - it is now time for SocialEyes on Facebook:
"For those who wish there were yet another way to connect with friends on computer screens, a new start-up called SocialEyes now offers video chattingthrough Facebook..."

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Monday, 02/21/2011

How poor reputation management cost President Mubarak his job!

The following story in the Wall Street Journal describes how smart dictators around the world handle the social media (internet) and where Mr. Mubarak erred:
"The Egyptian experience suggests that social media can greatly accelerate the death of already dying authoritarian regimes. But while it's important to acknowledge the role that the Internet played in the Egyptian uprising, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the protesters were blessed with a government that didn't know a tweet from a poke—as illustrated most of all, perhaps, by its desperate (and belated) gambit in temporarily shutting off the country's access to the outside world..."

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Wednesday, 02/23/2011

The ever expanding reach of social media: the story of "two-screen" behavior

The story of how even other media are realizing the power of social media to reach out:
"By the time the first ballot is opened at the Academy Awards next Sunday, millions of people will be chatting about the awards show on the Internet. And ABC will be ready..."

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Thursday, 02/24/2011

Marketing on Social Media Platforms: the upward spiral!

Social Media is becoming the favorite flavor of the season for marketeers who are looking to connect with their audience on Facebook, Twitter and on several other Social Media platforms - read this WSJ story to find out more:
"With many viewers expected to watch the Academy Awards this Sunday with computers in their laps and mobile phones in their hands, marketers are finding new ways to infiltrate real-time Oscar buzz via Twitter, Facebook and other Web hot spots...."

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