Welcome to Blue Sapphire Creations

Technology @ BSC

"At BSC, we respect the truth: "You need to be an early adopter to stay ahead". Take our own website for example; it is a HTML5 based fluid design with impeccable back-end customizability. Again, it took effort but as they say, "it is good to be on the top!"."


"The exact workings of major search engines (e.g. Google) and major internet websites (e.g. Facebook) are zealously guarded trade secrets. As a result, the often used route is that of "hit-and-trial", with a flip side, that you would always just keep guessing!

BSC's smarter way out – researching the Intellectual property (e.g. Patents) of the online search giants (and other niche players) to get a firm idea of what is happening now and what the future trends would look like. This approach, thanks to our strong R&D team, enables us to anticipate change and keep our clients prepared for it – making them the frontrunners in their domains! "

Design @ BSC

"The design team at BSC commingles a rich design experience with the universal principles of aesthetic design. For example, the Gestalt principles of totality, proximity & Closure et al. are leveraged by the BSC designers to provide that lip smacking perfect web design"

At BSC, we see our clients as who they are – enterprising individuals and organizations. Our true-north at all times remains our focus on client results – which invariably means a customization and often genesis of solutions to perfectly fit each client's need. As a result, we catalyze your growth through our in-depth industry experience, ingenious techniques and innovative solutions.

Go ahead explore our services – and discover the magic of reliability blending with maverick ingenuity to create web solutions that let you surpass your potential!