Then Google said: Let there be search!

It’s a simple test, type into the Google search bar, a few words that you think represent your business or website and sift through the results – if you find yourself on the top: Congratulations!


If not, read on!


What does this mean?

Simply put, this means that your business or website is not realizing its full potential – you are losing valuable online presence, customers and by extension - revenues. Going by statistics, the farther you are down the “Google search ladder”, the farther you are from optimum utilization of your online presence.

Can it be helped?

Absolutely. In fact that’s our forte! Employing over five years of experience in the domain, we are experts at providing highly effective, customizable solutions to help your website gain meaningful traffic throughput. We build our services around the kernel - “Every site has its own sets of challenges and its own unique solution”. As it turns out, there are ways to get into the good books of Google

Is it just about Google?

No. Our techniques and solutions help you boost your position on Yahoo, Bing and almost all major search engines. We ensure your website becomes the nectar source where all the search engine bees fly to!

Let’s talk money. What about the return on investment?

Glad you asked. The client’s return on investment (ROI) is the ‘true-north’ that guides our strategic planning for your campaigns. Rest assured, every penny you spend on our services would amplify to become a pound in your revenues.

I already knew whatever you said!

Great! However, if you already have a SEO campaign running and you’re still not on the top of the “Google search ladder” – something went wrong somewhere! Let’s get in touch and make things work.



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